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What I Learned From Fighting Entropy

During my freshman year of college, I decided to create my own shared blog with the intention of skipping ahead of the pack and launching my journalistic career before I had even finished my core classes. That was a mistake. Working on a project nearly daily full time is exhausting, but I deeply loved the work. The only problem with working almost constantly between school and social pressure is that it is emotionally crushing to build every day. To me, it looked like the work would never end, and it took me too long to realize that it actually never would.

Building a project requires discipline. Everything requires a constant rate of work to succeed. Whether it's a deck or company; entropy will always be trying to tear you down. If you want to make something you have to be willing to dedicate a part of you towards it.

It was this exhaustion that helped kill my passion. It's why working in digital media is so stressful. The entropy pull of working online is extremely intense. If you stop for one day you could ruin yourself. You have to give up so much to gain what we all admire. I'd rather live unknown than live an empty life for fame.

It's this entropy though that pushes the greatest of us to make our lives meaningful. Building and working every day to build something strong enough to last in the constant erosive flow of entropy and time is what gives our lives meaning. Pick your battles and work for your heart.

Think about that before you "launch" your next project.