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Why I'm Writing

I've said this before on different sites and platforms, but I've always had a soft spot for the written word. There's beauty in creation and to me, writing has always been the purest form of creation.
Keeping that in mind, you can imagine why wherever I go I leave a trail of broken blogs and websites behind me. I've been searching for years for the perfect site to write on, yet in all of that time it never occurred to me that maybe none such site exists. Each platform has its own issues and lacks customizability to an extent that I simply cannot get over. That's why this year I finally decided to make my own site.

Typed is nothing fancy. It's a wonderfully simple site built and hosted through Ghost designed to be easy to access, remember, and appreciate. You could even call it Tristan Isham's Daring Fireball--I'm no John Gruber of course, but as a site for sharing personal feelings and a project or two, it's pretty similar.

With Typed I plan to expand my talents and possibly tackle video. Already you can find my podcast on Anchor, iTunes, and Google Play. I don't expect anyone to follow up with Typed, but know that for at least a year it'll continue to be the place where you can find me. Especially since Medium has become a shit storm.